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Fight for your health like you do your freedom!

Jen Hendershott is a former professional fitness competitor from the United States. In the fitness industry she is well known for her inventive and high intensity gymnastic routines as well as her energetic personality.  Jen retired from competition in 2009 and has been helping others improve their health ever since, and is now looking fantastic at 50. Jen spends her time fighting for freedom and focusing on her health.  She has won the Fitness Olympia twice and the Fitness International twice.  There are NO bigger shows in the world for fitness competitions, Jen is the GOAT! She has been an entrepreneur for 3 decades and has changed the life of everyday men and women, and celebrities alike.  Her goal is always to create a positive vibe for those around her and Jen is a firm believer that mental, spiritual, and emotional health are just as important as physical health.  Join Jen on a monthly basis learning how to eat right, workout anywhere, how to pray, sleep, and take the proper steps to a healthy lifestyle. Facetime each week for motivation and text daily for support.  Jen is about your Freedom, especially freedoms from an unhealthy YOU.

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