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Amy lost 18 pounds in 12 weeks for her son's graduation! After losing her mom, being locked down, and losing herself- she is back!  Join Amy today!

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-13.4 pounds lost in 6 weeks
-11 inches over all
8.5% for the win!
Congrats LeeAnne!

LeeAnne is 50 years old and back on track. She completed every aspect of the challenge- 6 weeks of eating clean, at home workouts, & straight out of quarantine in Canada.  YOU can be the next LeeAnne! Register for Challenge #2 below!



All Plans and Programs are designed for all ages and all fitness levels.
I love to help families get healthy!  
WE all have to start somewhere!

I am a conservative fitness trainer who believes in a healthy body, strong mind, and loving soul. I am looking for clients who love freedom and their country. After almost 2 years of lockdowns and tyranny by our government, enough is a enough!  I want to get back to business in helping people be better then ever.   This year I turn 50.  I don't look like this ripped fitness girl (pictured below) but I don't want to.  But I have also been told I do not look my age.  I contribute that to a healthy lifestyle day to day with fun on the weekends. Traveling the world is what I love to do the most and staying healthy and fit can be a challenge. Let me teach you how to live your day to day and face your challenges.   For years I have had the honor of training men and women by owning my own gym, training celebrities, and working with just a handful of clients on weekly basis.  In 2020, when Covid hit I realized what was happening to our society (worse then ever)  and I didn't like it.  Lockdowns and a virus filled so many with fear and created so many bad habits for people.  This is what has inspired me to come back and start training people online.  I don't want a million of you or even a hundred of you. I just want the people who understand what is happening in the world.  I want clients who love this country and can talk my language, its the only way I can help you. I am looking for people who are NOT afraid to fight for their freedom and look good doing it.  It is more important than ever to understand how important nutrition, vitamins, and movement are.  Unfortunately, the media and our government is not promoting what you need to know.  So I decided to use my passion for helping others and my knowledge for diet and exercise to help anyone willing to make a real change.  My aim is to help you identify your goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through daily life.  I work out anywhere and everywhere I can. No excuses! I can help you figure all this out, no matter what your lifestyle is.    Let's not let years of excuses, lockdowns, or poor decisions keep you from starting today.   Reach out to me and let’s get you moving and eating right and living your best life again. 

Let's talk every week! 

Let's get your workouts right!

Let's get your meals right!

Let's get you moving consistently!

Let's manage your vitamins!

Let's supplement where you need!

Let's get your life right!

AND Let's keep fighting for our country! The stronger we are, the better we are!





Jen is an incredible person. I have been coached by her for several years.  I struggle with my dedication but Jen always brings me back on point with my meals, my workouts, and mostly my mental focus.  I can not imagine being coached by anyone else.  Jen is worth every minute and every penny. This is an incredible opportunity to have her guidance, I always feel grateful to have Jen on my team!


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